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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well....this happen not long ago...
Me & my friends were playing soccer under the housing estate....When we were playing,everybody said''Let's create a team!!!''I also said that...After playing soccer,we went to a minimart... While we were on the way to the minimart,we discuss about a team name...we all like we name our team Z.A.F.C.(Z Ammunation Football Club)...the Z is just for u know..
Our goalkeeper is Mr Spanish(Aidil)...the 4 defenders are Jafar,Sulaiman,Ridhwan and Ameer...
The defensive midfielder is me(Aidie)...The attacking midfielder is Irfan...
The left winger is Irzzat...the right winger is Hafiz....
The 2 strikers are Nabil and Jamilul...
Captain is me(Aidie)...The assistant captain is Mr Spanish(Aidil)
The Z.A.F.C is going to go through alot of though challenges....cause we will not GIVE UP!!!!

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::12:58 AM

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